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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  January 22, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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way will they ever racially profile here in the city. they understand the racial sensitivities here. they will stop people, they will frisk them. they're not going to call it stop and frisk. bottom line, allan. and i will tell you, there are some folks, some more extreme demonstrators last week who said maybe we shouldn't have any police officers on the streets in oakland. mrs. robertson and many others i've spoken with disagree vehemently with that. and she wants more cops on the street. >> joe, i'm curious is the mayor at the meeting tonight? >> reporter: she is not. she's in washington, d.c. right now. her office says she is trying to secure more federal funding but she has weighed in. she wants bratton. it's not clear whether they have the votes tonight, whether they'll pass it through or pass it down the line waiting for a future meeting. >> thanks. joe vasquez, we know we'll have the vote at 11:00. a major manhunt by oakland police and other agencies resulted in the arrest of five men in yesterday's shooting of a police officer. the undercover officer was on a
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stake out in east oakland when a group of men approached his car and shot him in the arm. the manhunt also uncovered several weapons. two of the suspects are known gang members. >> i think any time we have subjects who are willing to confront the police and pull a trigger on an officer, i think we have to take that very seriously. >> police are not releasing the names of the men that have been arrested. they say they're still following up on search warrants and looking for additional suspects. an elderly san jose couple are the victims of a home invasion robbery. it happened in the almadon valley neighborhood last night. cbs 5 reporter lynn ramirez is there right now, len. >> reporter: what is most disturbing, according to the n.b.a.ers and police in this -- neighbors and police in this normally quiet neighborhood is the boldness of the robbers. neighbors gathered on a neatly kept street corner to talk about something they don't often see in almaden valley. violent crime. >> it's an eye opener.
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>> reporter: it happened in the shadow brook subdivision near a middle school. police say two to three men forced their way into this home on brett heart drive, brandishing weapons at the led early couple who lives there. they tied the victims up, robbed them and stole their two cars. >> most burglars don't want a confrontation. they'll run tout back door when someone comes home. for them to do the opposite, go inside and put people for fear in their live and confront them head on are very bold criminals. >> it's unheard of. >> reporter: bob has lived next door to the couple for 20 years. >> in the past, problems were like -- this is serious. i mean both homeowners, they're tied up. yeah, i'm really shocked. >> reporter: the robbers stole the couple's green 2007 toyota highlander s.u.v. and their tan 1997 toyota camry, similar to the cars pictured here. the highlander's plate is 5xiu520. the camry's plate is 3ung960.
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the almaden valley is normally considered one of san jose's safest neighborhoods, buy now neighbors are afraid more crime is creeping into the area, especially after san jose's well documented police staffing issues. >> criminals are getting bolder with the police situation we have now. >> reporter: now just a couple of hours before yesterday's home invasion robbery in this neighborhood, just a couple of blocks away also in the almaden valley near wallace and redmond, an elderly man was the victim of a carjacking. elizabeth police don't know if the two crimes are connected but they say at this point, they have no suspects in either case, and anyone with information is asked to call the san jose police department. >> len ramirez, thank you bay area headlines, starting in the north bay. tonight san rafael police are looking for the man in this surveillance video. investigators say he tried to rob a cell phone and check cashing store on medway road saturday night. he opened fire at employees. police say he barely missed one of them and got away without
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any money. crews began repair work on the part of the bay bridge struck by an oil tanker. video from chopper 5 shows contractors preparing to remove part of the bridge's damaged fender. the overseas rymar hit the base of the tower earlier this month. repairs could cost up to $3 million and won't be done until sometime this spring. and in san francisco, pro choice groups mark the anniversary of the supreme court's roe versus wade which legalized abortion 40 years ago. protesters rallied outside city hall in what they call an increase in restrictions across the country. pro life groups held counter rallies. the cal state university system wants more state money and today board members met with the governor to go over what they think they deserve and what the governor is offering. cbs reporter -- joy benedict went to the long beach for the battle. >> i bring this up now, because you are here governor. >> reporter: things were tense inside the cal state board of
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trustees meeting as governor jerry brown and lieutenant governor gavin knew some took their seats to discuss next year's fiscal budget. >> is this more money into remediation? >> reporter: although nothing was decided it was the first look at cal state's proposed budget and what the system hopes to accomplish with state funds. on the list 3% pay increases for staff and faculty, something the audience was in favor of. >> it's been six years since we've seen any type of raise. >> reporter: but that would require an extra $86 million. >> i think that 80 million is a -- is not so easily obtained. >> reporter: governor brown says the board must be realistic. >> yes, i am concerned about the salaries. it's one of the reasons i don't want the administrators to get raises. >> reporter: right now cal state's board of trustees wants $372 million from the state. but governor brown's state budget proposal only called for 125.1 million. that means both sides will have to meet somewhere in the middle. governor brown proposes higher tuition for what's called career students, meaning if it
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takes 120 units to graduate an in-state student who completes 160 units but doesn't have a degree would have to pay out of state tuition. >> and if you do flunk and want to take a course over a couple more times that ought to be on your nickel, not the college's. >> reporter: the governor also previously suggested cutting funding for some research but today say it's a school's decision where to cut. >> i will leave that to the people here. >> reporter: but the governor's plan calls for stipulation like more online courses and junior college transfers. things cal state says it's already working on. and although changes will be made to cal state's budget in the next six months, two things won't change: the price of tuition, and everyone here won't get what they want. >> it's a tight ship we're running here and it's going to get tighter. >> reporter: joy benedict. now to super bowl xlvii. the big easy is getting ready for the big game. less than two weeks before the 49ers take on the ravens. new orleans is transforming jackson square. other projects going on all over town.
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the super bowl, of course, will pump amount of cash into the city's economy. right now to mobile 5 in vallejo. ken bastida inside allied ink tattoo shop. are you getting the kaepernick special? >> we're getting the job done here, allan. as your official super bowl station, we want to bring you the cutting edge news on what's going on in the bay area, getting up to the super bowl. and i mean cutting edge. this is a guy right here, his name is james paterew, getting a 49er tattoo. that's how big a fan he is. we're separating the men from the boys here at allied ink right now. they are actually offering a special for $49. you can come and get a tattoo, any design that you'd like within reason, about the size of your hand. that's going to be happening the day before the super bowl. i want to scoot up here to where james is hanging out, and you got the jersey on, got the hat on and now you got the tattoo on. what is going on with you? >> i'm loving my team and i'm showing them -- showing them my love. >> reporter: this is something
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you thought about for a while, and just decided to do this year or what? >> yeah. it has. i have been thinking about it for a few years. this just seemed like the right time. i wanted to do it before the super bowl so nobody thought i was going to get on the band wagon. so yeah. >> reporter: now this is -- this is permanent, james. >> yes. >> reporter: this can go n n. the laundry, the hat can come off and go in the drawer. but what ann, our artist is putting on your calf is forever. you realize that? >> i do. but i bleed red and gold, so what's the difference? >> ann, have you done a lot of these? are people coming in asking for these things? >> we've done a lot in the past. and we're gearing up for the next to come. >> all right. >> and this particular design, i know james picked out. so tell me a little bit about it. >> we actually designed this based on a few different compositions that he had brought in. and so now it's his own. >> yeah, it is. for the next probably 60 years or so, dude. >> i hope so.
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>> yeah. ok. >> reporter: james patterew. that's a fan, ladies and gentlemen. back to you. >> james, that's not james's first tattoo. i saw the ink on his other calf and arms. so he's really doing it up. >> reporter: yeah. he's been through the tattoo regimen before. and he says this one has special meaning for him, and did you want to give me a prediction before we get off the air? >> 49ers are going to win. >> they better. >> reporter: he says they're going to win. i'm not arguing. >> no. either that or you're getting on the chair. thank you, kenny. >> exactly. we're sending a team of reporters to cover super bowl xlvii in new orleans. coverage will include sports director dennis owe donald, along with byrne glen. joined by michelle griego and mike sugarman. are you a 49er super fan? how are you getting ready for the game? send us your photos. e-mail us a at or upload photos on the website. we'll feature some pictures throughout this newscast and on our facebook page.
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why is it so a few people have to pay the cost of all this? >> coming up, why some folks in the bay area will have to pay thousands of dollars just to go home. >> plus, it has been nearly two decades since the 49ers' last super bowl appearance. see how much the bay area's changed since then. >> the cbs 5's mobile weather lab is live at soccer practice in walnut creek. the weather impacts all of these outdoor practices and the weather is going to be changing soon. details on that change coming up. (((bump out on viewer photos))) new at six: the smart rail
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] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. new at 6:00. the smart rail project is hitting a roadblock. >> the multi million dollar system that will run from
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sonoma through marin counties is using eminent domain to seize private properties. reporter ann notorangelo says that has property owners fighting mad. [ train whistle ] >> reporter: this freight train lugs by at about 35 miles per hour. but by early 2016, the sonoma marin area rail transit or smart train will be going by twice as fast. when the smart train comes barreling through, these simple signs won't provide enough warning. so the property owners are being told it is their responsibility to build crossing gates and signals so they can still access their property. >> $700,000 just for electrical gates. and the government of the road. >> reporter: it's a bit ironic that glen gelati votes for the bond measure that paying for smart when it's his construction company that will have to help foot the bill for the new crossing. >> do you regret voting for the bond measure? >> yes. i voted to tax ourselves equally. but why is it so a few people
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have to pay the cost of all this? >> reporter: but it doesn't end there. some of his neighbors, including some who are retired homeowners will lose portions of their land either through negotiation or eminent domain. they'll get some money for their land but it will go right back into the new crossing. smart's attorney say that's the law. >> private crossing, by definition benefit only private parties. therefore the private parties must bear the expense. >> do you think there is a way that it could be publicly funded? >> we haven't investigated all those pieces yet. and again that goes back to where my vote was coming from. >> reporter: county supervisor david rabid also sits on the smart board. he voted against eminent domain. >> this is the first of many that will occur throughout our county and marin county that we need to do it the right way. we need to be good neighbors. >> reporter: there are more than 100 cross information smart's path. some will face the same challenge. >> there is very little interpretation. we are under a mandate as a public agency. we are stewards for public funds. there is a constitutional
6:15 pm
prohibition against gifting public funds to private entities. >> reporter: what's fair? who's to say. it's a bit like asking which came first, the chicken or the egg. the property owners precede smart, but the railroad right- of-way was there even earlier. still, it doesn't feel right. >> their slogan and their billboards up the highway, the train's coming to town. is the way they're pushing through. they're bulldozing through. >> reporter: in petalumma, cbs 5. plenty of grown ups are getting excited to see the 49ers go to another super bowl. but as cbs 5 reporter john ramos shows us, there's a whole group of fans who are excited to see it for the very first time, too. >> it's been a long time since the 49ers went to a super bowl, and even those who have never seen that happen are pretty excited about it. >> have you ever heard of the 49ers before? do you want them to win the
6:16 pm
super bowl? ok. that was easy. >> reporter: here at my gym in walnut creek the kids are a little too busy to ponder the big questions. >> do you know the 49ers are playing in the super bowl? >> no. >> do you want them to win? >> yeah. >> why? >> because -- because i want them to get the trophy. >> reporter: yeah, that would be nice but not enough to make two-year-old drew switch his loyalties. >> go raiders! >> go raiders? what about the 49ers? >> yeah. go raiders. >> reporter: luckily we found more enthusiasm at st. francis school in concord. >> are you glad the 49ers are in the super bowl? >> yes. >> super glad? >> yes. >> awesome? >> yes. >> do you hope they'll win? >> yes. >> how much do you hope they'll win? >> um. >> do you think they're the best team right now? >> yeah. >> why? why do you think they're the best team? >> abuse -- because -- because they wined one time.
6:17 pm
>> reporter: at the skate park the talk was all about colin kaepernick. >> why does everybody like him so much? >> he's a football player like makes touchdowns. a lot of touchdowns. even when he's the quarterback. >> because all of a sudden he was, you know, just like a -- kind of like a secondary, the quarterback got hurt now he's in the super bowl. kind of surprising. >> reporter: and what about the idea that the game will come down to a battle between brothers? >> if you were coaching in the super bowl and your brother was the other coach would you want to beat him? >> yes. >> why? >> because just to feel like -- like telling him i beat you in the super bowl. >> older brother. >> and you'd like to do that to your brother? >> yeah. >> reporter: and for a final prediction about the outcome, do we dare ask drew? >> do you think they're going to win? >> yeah. >> by? >> be -- go raiders! >> reporter: well, that's football. in walnut creek, john ramos, cbs 5. paul is in walnut creek
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tonight with the cbs 5 mobile weather lab. >> and the mobile weather lab is outside here tonight, talking about the change in the forecast, because if you're a mom or dad, you schedule your entire day around your kids' activities. this time of year that could include soccer. we have soccer practice going on here at heather farms park in walnut creek. tonight weather's not an issue but fast forward 24 hours from now, and mom and dad may have to dress their kids a little bit differently tomorrow. because there are showers entering the forecast. beautiful night tonight with the cloud cover. we aren't cooling off as rapidly as we have been. let's look at that radar. we're now beginning to see the leading edge of some of those showers, well off shore. nowhere close to us yet but just the sign that things are changing. and speaking of a change, the snow pack is changed. top of the year. we were 36% above normal as of today. we're exactly normal, which is fine, but we're on the way down because we've had no moisture whatsoever. this time last year we were sitting in a 26% of normal snow pack. highs today, the last mild day
6:19 pm
before this pattern change. oakland 67, napa 65. san jose, you hit 62. only the upper 50s today in concord, and 60 degrees the high today in san francisco. the satellite and radar review shows a lot of moisture, cloud cover. moving up from the south and from the west, there's actually a little tropical connection to the moisture but not any heavy rainfall. just scattered rain showers coming up this time tomorrow. so showing you what's going on over the next several days. first thing is high pressure moving out. a weak cold front moving through tomorrow tapping into some of that tropical moisture. giving us scattered showers for your wednesday. after that even when the sunshine comes back out we won't be as mild because our influence now is coming from the north. an upper level low pressure to the north and west. what to expect? showers will arrive tomorrow north to south. we'll be wet from wednesday evening through right around sunrise on thursday, and then dry out for a couple of days. more showers moving in for the weekend. highs tomorrow not as mild. napa, you hit 65 today,
6:20 pm
tomorrow 58. freemont 61, redwood city 61, and san rafael your high tomorrow, 56 degrees. scattered showers this time tomorrow, soccer practice, maybe a little bit wet thursday, friday, partly sunny. highs in the low 60s. we cloud back up on saturday, and then showers return on sunday. so the cbs 5 mobile weather lab has recorded zero rainfall since we put it on t.v. last monday, but that will be changing. so all the outdoor activities including soccer practice may be impacted adversely 24 hours from now. live in walnut creek. baugh to you in the studio. it's been 18 years since the 49ers have been in the super bowl. coming up, a look at the bay area then and now.
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ye yes, we are. for a long time niner fans, the team's current success has them thinking back to the dynasty years and the last super bowl trip. >> can you believe that was almost two decades ago back in 1995. cbs 5 reporter mark sherman reminds us what it was like to be a niners fan back then. >> i loved every minute of it. >> reporter: niner fans celebrated super bowl 29 wearing glasses as big as this. actually they're be celebrating wearing the same big old glasses. they came back over 18 years. >> morning, everybody. >> reporter: at that time we had a democratic president but one who enjoyed shooting guns and killing ducks. >> we all shot them with weapons, i might add. >> reporter: showed off the latest gear at mack world 1995 which included some pretty advanced games. yous yosemite sam was big, as
6:24 pm
were the computers you played it on. maybe you were typing an e-mail on aol about the big storms. >> boy a lot of rainfall in california. >> reporter: david letterman was right. big storms and floods did a lot of damage. >> and today mayor rudolph giuliani a very compassionate man wanting to help, he air lifted 3000 of new york's finest squeegee guys out to los angeles. >> this case is about a rush to judgment. >> reporter: also in los angeles, but an obsession in 1994 and '95 around the nation, a guy named o.j. simpson was accused of killing his wife. >> according to cochrane, lopez was even interviewed by l.a. police detective mark fuhrman. anybody who was anybody covered that case >> reporter: and a young ed bastida was developing his chops. we were all a bit younger. 18 years to be exact. >> steve young and barry rice you've just won the super bowl. what are you going to do next? >> i'm going to disneyland. >> i'm going to disney world. >> reporter: we hope colin
6:25 pm
kaepernick deferents a chance to enjoy the magic kingdoms, too. for more coverage, we take on the heir bowl. at in the next half hour, a dozen luxury cars stolen from a bay area dealership. >> i'm more shocked and hurt as to why this happened. >> from jaguars to beamers to benz. how the thieves pulled off that heist, and the clue police hope will crack the case. >> another school shooting, this time in texas. tonight what apparently led to the gun fire. >> the type of t.v. you have will make all the difference when it comes to watching the super bowl. the one that will give you the best picture. and why that is.
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to mercedes benz and b-m-w's: several luxury cars are missing now at 6:30, from jaguars to mercedes benz and bmw's. several luxury cars are missing tonight, after thieves target a bay area dealership. by the time it was over they made off with a dozen luxury cars. the cbs 5 ann notorangelo says, police have a crucial clue. >> reporter: they certainly do. 12 cars were stolen. two of them have been recovered. they were found about a mile away. authorities still don't know just how many suspects they're looking for. this 2005 jaguar was brought
6:29 pm
back to auto world motors in hayward on top of a tow truck. thieves drove off in it and 11 other nice cars monday morning. mercedes, bmw's, jaguars, hondas, a chevy tahoe and a u- conn. >> i'm more shocked and hurt, as to why this happened. >> reporter: owner sam carey says three of his four surveillance cameras were working and caught the suspects in the act. >> seen about four or five kids, young guys. showed them kicking the doors, it shows them running out of my lot with random keys, checking which cars. >> reporter: the suspects were not discouraged by the posted warnings. on the video you can see the suspects cross the parking lot and get into the office door. inside, they broke into the lock box to get the keys. then you see them drive the cars away. the alameda county sheriff's department says the video will be useful. >> when we use enhancements, we may be able to get a face as well, not to mention the other surveillance videos that are in the neighborhood. >> reporter: carey says his
6:30 pm
customers have been supportive, and so is his competitor. m & n auto sales across the street. >> if anybody has any information regarding the cars, if they call in i'm willing to give them a free oil change. >> reporter: johnny poore says if this can happy to carey it can happen to him too. he wants to catch the criminals. >> i really need your help to make some keys, so we can -- we can make our lot a little better. >> reporter: in addition to the cars stolen and those left damaged on the lot all the keys were taken so carey can't move or sell the cars he does have. he says the impact to his business is huge. since this is tax season and people use their refunds to buy cars. >> i hope we get back on our feet and move forward. >> reporter: it's not known yet if the suspects had any inside knowledge about this business. elizabeth, one of the other things authorities will be looking into is whether or not this kind of heist is taking place anywhere else in the state. >> ann, earlier you mentioned two cars have been recovered about a mile away. any idea of how or why those cars were left?
6:31 pm
>> reporter: there's some speculation that maybe one of the cars ran out of gas. one of the employees, though, thought that -- they had driven around the area. they hadn't seen the jaguar that showed up and it was found in about the same location. so it's unclear whether these cars are being brought back because maybe the publicity's gotten out or maybe they missed it the first time. >> ann, thank you. new tonight, san francisco police just released surveillance image of an armed bank robber. investigators say this man held workers at gunpoint on january 4th. he was at a bank on aguirre boulevard in the richmond district. it's unclear how much cash he got away with. police say he drove off with an accomplice. marin county collected a total of 29 firearms from gun owners yesterday. it was touted as a gun buy- back. well the county ran out of money to pay for the weapons, so participants actually turned in their guns without compensation. among the surrendered weapons, a device that looks like a ball point pen but can actually fire a .22 caliber bullet.
6:32 pm
another shooting, this one at a college campus in texas. at least three people were hurt, and police have two people in custody. cbs reporter marley hall explains how it all unfolded. >> reporter: students at lone star college in texas ran from campus building with their hands up. and members of the s.w.a.t. team rushed in. police swarmed the grounds of the houston area school. witnesses say a man opened fire after getting into an argument with another man. >> and i seen a guy pull out -- pull out a gun and shoot -- just started shooting. i turned around and ran. >> reporter: several people were injured, including the two involved in the argument. they are now in police custody. a maintenance worker at the school was shot and a female student was also taken to the hospital with an undisclosed medical condition. >> 40 years, this is the first kind of incident like this we've ever had. >> reporter: students ran when they heard the gun shots fearing the worst. >> you think about the shootings at the theaters, the
6:33 pm
shooting at other schools, and i mean that's scary. >> reporter: police secured the campus and say it will be open on wednesday. marley hall for cbs news. well, president obama's back at work today one day after the inauguration. the president plans to tackle several major issues in his second term. but as cbs reporter randall pinkston shows us, republicans are already pushing back. >> reporter: crews are cleaning up from the inaugural festivities as congress and president obama get back to politics. the president laid out an agenda in his second inaugural address that will tackle gun control, immigration reform, and climate change. >> you can be sure it was confident, and it was forceful, because he believes we have to act. >> reporter: president obama went to a post-inaugural prayer service before diving back into work. republicans had their criticism ready. >> one thing that's pretty clear from the president's speech yesterday, the era of liberalism is back. >> reporter: but there is a trues in the battle over the
6:34 pm
debt ceiling. wednesday, house republicans are expected to pass legislation allowing the government to pay the bills for the next few months. republicans made clear that it was not the right thing to do, to play chicken with the full faith and credit of the united states. >> reporter: but this debt limit deal demands democrats in if senate do something 97 not done -- they have not done in nearly four years: pass a budget. >> we clearly near a budget. there hasn't been a budget in three and a half years. the debt has gone up $5 trillion since we had a budget in the senate. >> reporter: the g.o.p. initially wanted to use a vote on the debt limit to force democrats and the president to agree to more spending cuts. randall pinkston, cbs news, washington. earlier in this newscast, we showed you a 49ers fan who tattooed his love for the team in vallejo tonight. now let's introduce you to nez adrian. he is the reno tattoo artist who incorporated colin kaepernick. he had kaepernick as a can vice since 2008 when he played for the university of nevada.
6:35 pm
adrian's customer base has grown with every 49ers win. >> i was pretty surprised. pretty amazed by it. i didn't really expect it's going to be this big, you know. >> adrian says he is fully aware of the novelty of this won't last forever. the costly ruling against the grocery store chain with stores here in the bay area. still ahead, how fresh & easy is accused of misleading customers in california. >> and why one type of television is better than the rest when it comes to watching the super bowl.
6:36 pm
6:37 pm
a grocery chain with 19 bay area locations - has to "pay-up" for a grocery chain with 19 bay
6:38 pm
area locations has to pay up for overcharging at the register. a san diego judge ordered fresh & easy to pay more than $800,000 in fines and costs, stemming from a lawsuit. what's more, fresh & easy must also offer a get it free program if it gets caught overcharging again. that means ifs a grocery item is $3 or less and you're overcharged at the register, then that item is free. it's election day in israel and it appears prime minister benjamin netanyahu will narrowly get another term in office. voters headed to the polls today. even among some of his opponents netanyahu is seen as the man best suited to lead his country. but compared to previous elections, he won by a slim margin due to the surge in popularity by a new centerrist party. the white house says no matter the outcome, the u.s. approach to the israeli/palestinian conflict won't change. the 49ers part of the love story for a couple in sacramento county. a fan proposed to his girlfriend of three years at a game this season right after
6:39 pm
the team's first touchdown. >> he asked me, and i was like i just cried. got emotional. it was awesome. something i'll never forget. >> by the way, the woman used to be a cowboys fan. her fiance says if she roots for dallas ever again, it's a deal breaker. >> ouch. ready for that big splurge before the big game? the three things you need to know about buying a t.v. for your super bowl party. including the best t.v. for watching football. next. >> good evening to you. meteorologist paul dienno with the cbs 5 mobile weather lab. temperature in walnut creek 50.3 degrees. why that will change. rainfall again zero. why that will change, in the forecast. did the raiders head coach sabotage their last super bowl? i'm dennis owe donald. the stunning claim from a former star receiver, coming up.
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their super bowl wardrobe have plenty of time - and options. ops and stores all
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49ers fans who need to update their super bowl wardrobe have plenty of time and options. there are shops and stores all over the bay area happy to sell you anything from flags to hats to jerseys. we've talked to one fan who stopped off to stock up on 49ers gear before heading to new orleans. >> i'm coming here to buy some niner shirts for the new orleans. i got my hat. i'm good to go. and yeah. next thursday. >> very lucky. there's even an official merchandise trailer in san francisco on market street at justin herman plaza. and if you can't find what you want right away, the merchants we spoke with say new stuff is hitting the shelves every day. well, the bigger the better. that's the rule of thumb for super bowl fans looking to buy a new t.v. >> cbs 5 consumer watch reporter julie watts explains what's the best size and the best type of big screen for that big game. >> reporter: super bowl season is t.v. buying season. it even beats the holidays. >> i just want a big flat screen t.v. for 46 to 50 inches.
6:44 pm
>> reporter: but with so many options, plaza, l.c.d., l.e.d., smart t.v., what's a football fan to do? >> the plasma t.v.'s are still the rock stars. >> reporter: brian cooley says your best bet for the big game is plaza. >> not as thin as many of the le.d.lcd's not as sexy but we recently did our list of the best cheap, best value and best high-end flat panel t.v. and a plasma model won in every single category. >> reporter: with a higher refresh rate, plasmas handle motion better, meaning that touchdown pass will be crystal clear and plasmas allow for better off-angle viewing. >> when you have folks over to watch the game you may overpack that living room and people are sitting left and right in different chairs trying to look at the screen. a plasma is very good at that. >> reporter: but while l.e.d.'s may not be ideal for the big game their picture is brighter and more vibrant for every day viewing. now, when choosing a t.v. cooley says size does matter. think 50 inch for the average
6:45 pm
living room, which you should be able to find for under a grand. and while he says you do definitely want a 10 80sp, just how smart does your t.v. really need to be? >> the so-called smart t.v.s, which are just internet connected t.v.s may not add a whole lot in terms of watching football or the super bowl because the n.f.l. doesn't make much of anything available for streaming. however you definitely want a smart or connected t.v. going forward. i would not buy a new t.v. today that doesn't have those features built in. >> reporter: the best day to buy a t.v. is the day after the super bowl. when prices begin to come back down. and buyer beware of a manufacturer who promises a faster processor, or something else that sets them apart. for the most part, they all use the same parts. on the consumer watch, julie watts, cbs 5. chief meteorologist paul dianno is in wall not creek with the mobile weather lab. >> if you ever wondered what we did in between our weather hits to get things ready, this is the answer right here.
6:46 pm
i am inside the cbs 5 mobile weather lab. we have a computer set up on the back of the seat here. and i can see all the weather information and call up what i want to use for this particular weather cast. one thing to point out. rainfall for today is zero. pretty obvious. you were outside today. look at this as i show you over here. rainfall for the week, zero. rainfall for the month since we turned this on a week and a half ago. zero. we need a change here and we'll see it. but this is a vehicle with lots of great technology. here's what it means for you: you have to schedule your day around this. we're here in wall nut creek. tonight at soccer practice there's lots of kids doing their practice right now. and they're doing it without the rainfall. but if you are a mom or dad you know a little change in the weather can mean a big change in your plans for the evening. that's what we're seeing coming up 24 hours from now. soccer practice will not be dry tomorrow night. it has been a very dry month. let me show you weather maps here. rainfall compared to normal. livermore, 14% of normal for the month.
6:47 pm
san jose, you're running at 11% for the month and san francisco right now only 3% of normal for the month. here is a look at what we have outside tonight. we have the clouds, but we do not have the rainfall yet. current conditions in concord, close to walnut creek, 52 degrees. san francisco 58. oakland currently 57. and san jose 59. because of that cloud cover tonight, temperatures are not going to be as chilly. instead of temperatures down near freezing with frost outside your house, we'll only drop down to 41 for concord. santa rosa 40, mountain view 44. oakland 46. and san jose 43 degrees. satellite radar review shows a lot of cloud cover. i showed this severely hours off to our west yesterday. now it's over top of us. here comes the cloud cover, the moisture. and with high pressure moving out, and a cold front moving in, we'll have ourselves some rainfall tomorrow. scattered showers, nothing too terribly heavy, but it will be out there tomorrow afternoon. and overall, a pretty cool and cloudy pattern. gone will be the 60s for the most part and returning will be the mid to upper 50s which is
6:48 pm
average for this time of year. we have been above average for the past couple days at least in the afternoon. so future cast shows some showers north of the golden gate early, mainly off shore. everybody gets rain tomorrow afternoon and evening. speaking of tomorrow, cloud cover, showers, temperatures, still mild but not as mild. palo alto 61. coopertino 62. walnut creek tomorrow 59 for a high. you hit the mid 60s today. san ramon 60, vallejo 58, and north of the golden gate, only mid to upper 50s. santa rosa 57, petaluma 56, daily city 57 degrees. scattered showers tomorrow, partly sunny skies coming up on thursday, and friday we cloud up again on saturday. another rain chance coming up over the weekend. sunday showers are likely mid 50s before clearing out monday and tuesday. not a dramatic change, not a huge temperature drop but things are changing. back live in walnut creek, soccer practice dry tonight. soccer practice or any outdoor activity tomorrow, not dry. rain returns to the forecast.
6:49 pm
that's it for now live from walnut creek, back to you.
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
gore's career, the 49ers running
6:52 pm
back was putting up pro bowl numbers but playing on a team that was 22 take a good look over my shoulder. would you want to tackle him? in the first six years of frank gore's career he was putting up pro bowl numbers but playing on a team 22 games under 500. >> happy. it's been a long eight years. we been struggling, struggling, struggling. the same guys in the locker room who finally got the right guys in front of us. been a long time. we came a long way from being the last place niners, to now going to the super bowl. >> gore suffered two knee injuries in college that allowed the 49ers to pick him in the third round of the 2005 draft. now, since then, he's become the 49ers all time leader in rushing touchdowns. sunday he was seen on the sidelines having a spirited conversation with jim harbaugh, something like just give me the ball, will you? he went on to score two touchdowns, including the game
6:53 pm
winner. >> nobody does it better than frank gore. and sometimes we do have conversations on the sideline, and what he sees, what he thinks will work, and we bat it around. sometimes during the game. >> a guy like frank gore, who either you know busted his butt for a long time. he deserves to be in the spotlight. you know, everybody deserves to know not just how great he's been this year and last year but when he came into the league in 2005. did the raiders' coach sabotage their last super bowl appearance 10 years ago? yes, according to one former star receiver. tim brown says head coach bill callahan was essentially playing to lose against the bucks coach and friend john gruden. bucks crushed the raiders 48- 21. brown said callahan changed the game plan from a running based offense to a pass game and he did twit days prior to the super bowl, something that's very uncommon, especially
6:54 pm
before such a big game. >> the guys talking about sabotage? absolutely. we knew how much he loved gruden. we knew how much he hated the raiders. we knew the fact that he had walked off the field on us a couple times. so we knew there was no love with him and the raider organization. basically we're going to change the game plan. you know, we think we can throw the ball against these guys and that's what we've done all year so that's what we'll do. and everybody was like what? from >> jerry rice was tim brown's team rate on that raiders team, and he echoed brown's comments on e.s.p.n. >> for some reason, and i don't know why, bill callahan, he did not like me. and he was that type of coach. and some of the things that happened with him walking off the field during the game, you know, not being happy about certain situations. and i was very surprised that he waited to the last second. and i think a lot of the players, they were surprised, also. so in a way, maybe because he didn't like the raiders, he
6:55 pm
decided to hey, look, maybe we should sabotage this a little bit, and -- and let john gruden go out and win this one. >> yeah. awfully hard to believe. other raiders on that team, including rich gannon the quarterback and linebacker bill romanowski denied brown's version of events. the n.b.a. the maloof brothers agreed to sell the kings to a seattle based group. today sacramento mayor kevin johnson is appealing to the fans of seattle to keep the kings in sacramento. >> i want to say to the folks in seattle. when i played in the n.b.a. for 12 years, seattle had some of the best fans in all of the n.b.a. and no different than sacramento. incredible fans. and when they lost their team, a couple years ago, it was devastating to me, because those fans fought like crazy, they were rowdy. but they cheered on the home team. and i strongly believe they do deserve an n.b.a. team at some point. just not ours.
6:56 pm
[ cheers and applause ] >> johnson is hoping to come up with enough money from local investors to match the seattle offer and keep the kings in sacramento for good. >> where's the n.b.a. want that franchise do you suppose? >> i think they want stability yet they'll have a brand new arena in seattle, and they need to get a new arena in sacramento if they intend to keep that team. i like the local rivally. warriors up by 80. good for the bay area. we'll see. >> thanks, dennis. for news throughout the evening, the latest is always on >> back at 11. good evening this is flo. [laughs] i'm that flo. aren't you swe licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive.
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6:58 pm
announcer: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud." gigive it up for steve harvey! steve: please welcome to the show. thank you all for coming.
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good. how's everybody doing? thank you all very much. thank you very much. hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. you know what? we've got a real good one for you today. boy, returning for the fourth day from chicago, illinois it is the sudduth family. [cheering] and straight out of nashville, tennessee, it's the fritts family. [cheering] let's go play the game. give me tom, give me jason. let's go. [cheering] guys, here we go. we've got the top 8 answers on the board. name an activity it makes you hungry afterwards. jason. >> exercise. steve: exercise. pass or play? >> we're playing! steve: they're gonna play, tom. [cheering]


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